With the expertise that has been developed within Origen, it is only appropriate that this understanding, especially about Failure Prevention, Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue, be shared with the engineering community.

In this way there would be greater awareness of the causes of engineering failure, which would lead to a reduction in its occurrence; as well as a greater awareness of fracture mechanics and its quantitative use in practical applications, to the benefit of the engineering profession.In particular, courses that have been run by Origen, for industry, include:

Introduction to Fracture Mechanics !!CPD Registered!!

A two day short course aimed at introducing the concepts of fracture mechanics. The course will enable delegates to gain a good understanding of the principles of fracture mechanics, which will allow them to assess the severity of flaws in engineering components.

Fracture Mechanics (and Code Applications)

A two day short course similar to the introductory course but with more with emphasis on assessing flaws in welded structures using the codes such as BS 7910.

Failure Analysis

A two day short course giving an overview of modes of failure and investigation methodology. This course will give delegates an appreciation of techniques that can be employed to prevent further failure.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis courses conducted in association with FEAS (the South African Abaqus Agents). These courses are offered on a i) basic/overview level which will allow delegates to develop an appreciation of the finite element method, learn how to specify FEA, and understand the output of FEA investigations, and ii) an advanced level which will give delegates a full understanding of the fundamentals of FEA.

Threaded Fasteners !!CPD Registered!!

This two day “bolt course” allows delegates to develop a full understanding of threaded fasteners from fabrication to installation and is offered on at “introductory” and “design engineer” levels (calculation and fatigue aspects handled in detail).

These courses are nominally offered as two day short courses (except for the Bolt course which is one day). Course content is essentially practically orientated but has a strong theoretical base and is presented in a series of interactive lectures backed up with case studies, and in the case of the bolting course, practical demonstration. Content can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements and to the level of expertise of the delegates.

Courses are run both Nationally and Internationally.