In response to the concerning spread of the Covid-19 virus to South Africa, Origen has taken steps necessary to protect both our and our client’s personnel while continuing to provide the high quality services we are renowned for.

Although Origen has not been directly affected by the virus we have instituted precautionary measures that include:

  • Educating our employees and keeping them informed of the changing and challenging situation.
  • Encouraging behavioral practices that foster high levels of hygiene and limit physical contact.
  • Instituting procedures that promote social distancing and limit cross contamination in the working environment (and wider community).
    Interventions aimed at limiting jobs cuts and providing support to ensure our personal can continue to work and remain healthy.
    Limiting unnecessary travel.
  • The use of technology that, where possible, allows our employees to undertake work remotely.
  • Limiting site visits to the minimum required to ensure proper assessment.
  • Providing the necessary PPE to limit exposure and cross contamination when working at clients premises.
    Ensuring self-isolation if there is any potential for infection.

The Origen team commits itself to meeting the needs of our clients and to continue to offer uncompromising standards, until the situation deteriorates to the point we can no longer ensure the safety of our personnel and those of our clients and subcontractors. We will continue to assess the situation and inform you of any changes that will affect the services we offer.

We trust you tread the path through this unknown territory with care and wish you resilience in these difficult times.