Origen Engineering offers a suite of integrity based engineering services - specialising in failure analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics, dynamic and residual stress measurement (strain gauging) and forensic engineering services.
We are a dynamic, service-orientated company based in Cape Town, South Africa...x

Origen Services

Failure Analysis, Fracture Mechanics, VSR, Stress MeasurementOrigen offers a number of engineering orientated services to identify and define problems with engineering bias, understand fundamentals applicable to these problems and provide solutions.
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Origen Training

With the expertise that has been developed within Origen, it is only appropriate that this understanding, especially about Failure Prevention, Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue, be shared with the engineering community.
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Origen Products

Products, Non Destructive Testing, Failure analysis Origen manufactures and distributes a number of engineering products and non destructive testing equipment - the majority of which were developed in response to our own and industries needs specifically where cost effective commercial products with sufficiently high performance characteristics were not available.
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