Data Measurement / Transfer

From the experience gained in offering a comprehensive on site measurement service, we have developed a measurement system that is both accurate and versatile.

The system can measure stress, vibration, pressure and most electrical signals simultaneously at sample rates of 80 k Hz and display these dynamic results in real time on a computer-based capture system. This measurement and capture system is integrated with radio telemetry, GSM networks and the web to allow remote monitoring. Signal conditioning is achieved using standard 5B modules and in the case of strain Origen has developed affordable strain gauge amplifiers with inbuilt bandpass/lowpass filtering and overvoltage protection.

Because the measured signal is digitised at the source, the signals are less noisy and can be transmitted by fixed wire, radio link, underwater transmission, internet or stored on compact flash for later retrieval. Any combination of these options is possible. This system and its prototypes have already been proven on, amongst others, waste containers, earth-moving equipment, cardan shafts rotating at 500 RPM on a scrap metal shredding plant and even under the sea at a depth of 120m on a drill string in the offshore mining industry rotating at 6 RPM ('CRS and De Beers Marine do it at Depth', SA Mechanical Engineer, March 2002)!

Real time display and processing of data is invaluable in test and measurement or research environments, as it allows extraneous results to be identified and interrogated at the time of measurement. Furthermore, data of this nature can be used as a control/management tool to optimise processes and the usage of industrial plant in order to maximise availability and profit on an ongoing basis.

The system, purpose developed in conjunction with Electrodi, also comes with the experience gained by the personnel at Origen, allowing us to implement the best system for the particular application. We are prepared to go the extra mile and ensure the performance of our system and modify it for specific applications.

The system can also be used as part of an ongoing conditioning monitoring installation, including effective monitoring of equipment on a large site, or a combination of sites across the globe, with status reports being sent to both centralized and/or local control centres.

Download specification sheet (designed to be printed and folded into a U format flyer) for more detail on this measurement and process optimisation device (POD).

Measurement Equipment Under Development

Residual Stress Measurement (AACHD)